Choose from our wide range of desirable Post & Beam home plans. Features include vaulted cathedral ceilings, exposed post and beam timbers and open concepts designs. These packages come standard with value added prefinished pine tongue and groove ceilings and soffits. Pick a unique combination of exterior finishes for your siding, trim, windows and doors. Many upgrades are available.


Post & Beam Homes
1,200 - 3,000 sq ft

red house, three dormers, covered porch, post and beam


The Hybrid Home Package is as easy as 1, 2, 3

  1. Choose a standard plan and pick your options  
  2. We prefabricate your home in our Collingwood factory in a matter of weeks
  3. Your home is delivered & assembled in just 3 days!

What is Post & Beam?

Post and Beam is a general way to describe building using heavy timber. Post and beam construction uses wood posts and beams to create the structural frame of a home or building.

In post and beam construction, wall posts support the roof and floor beams. Also known as 'half timbering', post and beam construction, or traditional timber framing, is a method of building that was developed in ancient times using mortise and tenon wood joinery techniques in which structural timbers are fit together using pegs and wedges.

Why build a Post & Beam Home?

Building a Post and Beam home offers a versatile way to build a structure capable of bearing a heavy load without the use of excessive vertical posts across the interior space of your home. This allows for large open concept floor plans with vast cathedral ceilings and exposed timbers for a naturally grand appearance and timeless style.

What does a Legendary Post & Beam Home offer?

Our Post & Beam homes plans offer a variety of exposed timber options. Some plans include exposed ridge beams and purlins along the ceiling while others offer structural or decorative exposed timber trusses, in a variety of styles.