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Q: What is the PRICE of a Legendary Prefab Home?

A: Generally our Prefab Home Packages cost between $80 - $100 per square foot. The finished cost of your completed home could vary from $225 - $300+ per square foot, including our package, depending on the finishes you choose. All of our Prefab Homes are custom built and tailored to your specific needs and budget. Click here for our price list.

Q: What is included in a Legendary Prefab Home Package?

A: Our Prefab Home Packages offer a full structural shell including Hybrid wall system complete with factory installed siding, trim, windows, and doors, the heavy timber frame structure, and our innovative Synergy Roof panels complete with prefinished pine tongue and groove ceilings.

Q: How long does it take to build and install a Legendary Prefab Home?

A: An average sized home between 1400 - 2500 square feet can typically be manufactured in a matter of weeks and installed within just 2 days.

Q: Do you offer "turn-key" packages?

A: Yes. In the Southern Georgian Bay area we offer a complete turn-key building solution by partnering with a local Project Manager/ General Contractor who can oversee your building project from beginning to end. 

Q: Why should I buy a prefab home over a "stick built" or conventionally built home?

A: There are many advantages of building a prefab home. Three of the greatest benefits are that our prefab homes guarantee quality and are 100% predictable with respect to both time and cost.  Our home package costs are fixed, so there is no risk of cost over-runs and no time delays. Our prefab homes are delivered on schedule. Choosing prefab also reduces overall build time impressively by up to 50%.

Q: How is a Prefab Home delivered and installed?

A: We load all the components of your building system onto flat bed trailers and deliver to any accessible build site in our coverage area. We then install the building components on a prepared foundation using a crane or other lifting equipment.

Q: Are there options to customize a standard model plan?

A: Yes. All of our standard model plans can be customized to suit your individual needs. Interior partitioning is almost 100% customizable. Windows and doors are then arranged to suit.