Legendary Group offers a complete prefabricated Hybrid Building System. Prefabrication is a significant improvement to traditional construction processes.

We relocate production from your build site to our factory where we efficiently manufacture all of your home’s components in a protected and clean environment. Site assembly is included with each home package, ensuring each shell is sound and tight.

What makes our system a true Hybrid?  We integrate a structural exterior wall and insulated roof panel system with authentic Timber Frame components in each of our shells.

We install the exterior siding, windows, doors, and trim on each panel in our factory giving you completed exterior walls upon delivery. This leaves the interior design to be done in your own style, on your own timeline, on your own budget. 

We are one of Canada’s most innovative prefabricated custom home manufacturers - our system gives even the most inexperienced of homeowners the tools they need to take on their very own custom home build.

Benefits of Legendary Prefab Homes

  • Factory installed exterior wall finish & trim.

  • Choice of exterior wall finish and/or siding.

  • Cathedral ceilings, pre-finished with factory installed pine T&G.

  • Factory installed windows & doors (Ontario only, conditions apply).

  • Authentic Post & Beam structure, including the 2nd level and roof system.

  • Post & Beam eliminates interior load bearing walls allowing for flexible interior design.

  • Installed and under lock & key in just 2 to 3 days.

More reasons to choose Prefab

  • Cost estimates are easily prepared and more accurate meaning no cost overruns.

  • Fewer sub-trades to hire reduce your overall costs.

  • Factory conditions and precision manufacturing result in a better quality product.

  • Efficient use of materials with no spoilage.

  • Installation by our dedicated team of experts ensures consistent quality control.

  • Construction times are shorter helping to reduce the overall cost of your project.

  • Minimal onsite waste to remove.

  • Sub-trades can begin work inside your home immediately.